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Awaiting the judges - A detailed image of the 2024 Burbank Tournament of Roses parade float.

"Caterpillar Melody" is the name of the 2024 Burbank Rose Parade Float. BurbankFloat.com is an informational website for and about the Burbank Tournament of Roses Association in Burbank, California. BurbankFloat.com is a member of the Moablive.com group of websites.

Live webcam #1 from the Tournament of Roses Association, Burbank, California

Live webcam #2 from the Tournament of Roses Association, Burbank, California

In Burbank... There is a Caterpillar Melody.

For 2024, the Burank Tournament of Roses Association float includes a both a Caterpillar and a butterfly that had to duck their heads to get out of the Float Barn for judging by Tournament of Roses officials.

Below, we present the Original "You know you're from Burbank if..."

...you've ever made out in the parking lot of the Mormon church or the Starlight Bowl
...you think AutoBooks-Aerobooks on Magnolia is the coolest bookstore, ever
...you saw "The Ghost and Mister Chicken" at the California Theater
...you know what Smoke House garlic bread tastes like
...you volunteer to build the Burbank Rose Parade Float every year
...you know you can also get it at the DeBell Clubhouse
...you revere the Martino's teacake
...you watch Tim Burton films merely because he's a homie
...you know the Blarney Stone wasn't just in Ireland
...you know that The Ramp isn't merely a way to get on I-5
...you know where the Popeye weathervane was
...you know Cabrini isn't a pasta sauce
...you admire the airplane art on the wall at Pinocchio's
...you know where to find a really, really nice old car show for free every Friday night
...you wondered why the King Swede Jell-O had no taste at all
...you used to buy pants at Miller's Outpost
...you know what two colors the Borrmann Steel sign is
...you wondered what academic subjects were taught at the Kovats Academy
...you ever tried making sense of the Sargent's menu
...you drove down Glenoaks and pondered the names of Drs. Penix and Penix
...you trick or treated in Toluca Lake

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