About Burbank Float

A stern view of the 2024 Burbank Tournament of Roses award winning float entry, titled, 'Caterpillar Memory' as it backs up for judging.

The Burbank Tournament of Roses Association has done it again. Their 2024 float entry, an all volunteer effort, features a giant caterpillar, named Beth, playing an equally oversized harp and surrounded by huge butterflies that were decorated to depict native California species - many of which are endangered. Leading a kalidascope of butterflies was an even larger Monarch butterfly, named Velma. The float was aptly named "Caterpillar Memory". This creates a new dimension in float creativity. Congratulations to the entire crew at the Burbank Tournament of Roses for winning the prestigeous Mayor Award at the 2024 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade on January 1, 2024.

For as many years as I can remember, the Burbank Tournament of Roses Association has created, built and displayed remarkable floats in the Tournament of Roses Parade. One of few cities in Southern California that use an all volunteer, non profit association to build a float entry in the most famous parade in the world. When it comes to volunteer efforts in the arts and education, Burbank residents and association volunteers continue with a great tradition.

After growing up in the Burbank of the 1950s and 1960s, I traveled far from home. Upon returning to Southern California, Burbank drew me back to its fold. Somehow, I found myself watching the Burbank Rose Parade Float roll from the Float Barn and into the light of day. Rather than marveling at hundreds of floats created by and for large corporations, I stood and stared at one whimsical, beautiful creation covered with flowers, rushes and seeds.

In a world that sometimes feels all too artificial, each new Burbank Float is a wonder of nature to me.

- Jim McGillis

The Burbank Tournament of Roses 2024 float as seen on KTLA, Channel 5 on New Year's Day 2024.

The Burbank Tournament of Roses 2024 float on KTLA-5, New Year's Day 2024.

Olive Avenue - In the heart of Downtown Burbank

Olive Avenue leads to the Burbank Float Barn, but you have to know how to find it.

The iconic cooling towers at Burbank Water & Power loom over the Burbank Float Barn.

Here is a hint. The Float Barn is very near the Burbank Water & Power main facility..

Interstate I-5 (the Golden State Freeway) passes close to the Burbank Float Barn.

Interstate 5 (The Golden State Freeway) rolls by almost right outside the Burbank Tournament of Roses Float Barn.