Our new webcam streams live from the "Bird Lanai" at Casa Carrie, located in the Texas Tract, Simi Valley, California.

For years, a pair of Common House Wrens have nested beneath the shelter of our patio overhang. The small opening and lack of any perch has made life difficult for the nesting pair and treacherous for the resulting baby birds. In the past, more than one baby has fallen from the nest.

Now, with the addition of a four-inch-wide perch and a tiny picket fence, the parents should have easier access to the nest and the babies will have a place to stretch their wings prior to their first flight.
Animated GIF of Casa Carrie Bird Cam location
Our camera view includes the the "Bird Lanai" and the opening to the nest, hidden under the roof structure. With a webcam refresh rate of six-seconds, birds may appear at any time between March and August of the year. Please join us often for a unique and refreshing view of nature in Southern California at its finest.

Our second webcam streams Live from Casa Carrie in Simi Valley, California. The Camera faces east, towards the rising Sun. In keeping with the ancient Navajo tribal tradition, each morning we face east and share with you the first rays of morning light.

Framing the view is a residential street in the Texas Tract at Simi Valley. In the background is Rocky Peak, which separates Los Angeles County from Ventura County.

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