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Levitating gas rigs make a light carbon footprint near Moab, Utah

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Spokesmodel Carrie McCoy and Moab Jim in Downtown Moab, Utah
Spokesmodel Carrie McCoy & Moab Jim, Moab, UT

Who is Moab.XYZ?

Moab Jim, with Coney the Traffic Cone and Plush Kokopelli at the closed entrance to Arches National Park in October 2013

In 2006, I visited Moab, Utah for the first time in nearly forty years. A lot had changed since my first visit in 1965, but much remained the same. By 2006, the internet, as most of us would recognize it today had been entrenched in popular culture for over a decade. Still, in Moab, few businesses had more than a simple webpage to speak about their commercial offerings.

One day in 2007, I visited an Apple Computer Store in California. There, on the sidewall was a large flat screen, showing images of young women frolicking in the Colorado River. At the top of the screen were the words, “Moab Ranch”. Seeing the power in the word "Moab", I Googled several Moab names and soon discovered that the URL, was available.

Immediately, I purchased the Moablive name. Since then, I have purchased over 135 internet names beginning with “Moab”, including In the past few years, I have used those names in websites, as listed at the bottom of our Media Page. Still, I have many Moab names left to develop or sell. If you are interested in owning your own little bit of Moab, Utah, please contact me via the Contact Page on this website