The "Train of Pain" on a downhill run near Canyonlands Field, Moab, Utah.
Thirty-six carloads of uranium tailings head for disposal near Brendel, Utah.
A lonely grade crossing on the Cane Creek Subdivision, near Potash, Utah.
Two old Two derelict, radioactive locomotives stored at Potash, Utah.
Rust and polish Rust and polish on rails of the Cane Creek Subdivision, near Potash, Utah.
Hand-laid Hand-laid rails on the Cane Creek Subdivision, near Potash, Utah.
“ Follow the 'Train of Pain' from the Moab Pile to Crescent Junction, Utah (Historical Brendel, UT"

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Welcome to Moab Rail News

Union Pacific Railraod locomotives pull the uranium mill tailings train to the disposal site - Click for larger image ( 

Keeping track of Rail activity in Moab, potash and Crescent Junction  

Since April 2009, hundreds of mill tailings trains have departed the Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action (UMTRA) site, often called the Moab Pile. Many days each month, trainloads of radioactive soil head north on the Cane Creek Subdivision, better known as the Potash Branch. To this day, activities on or near the Potash branch are still making news.
Whether it is dust storms, floods, changes in contractors lax safety enforcement, there is always something in the news about the "Train of Pain" or the Moab Pile. Below, in one place you can read all the news about the Moab Uranium Mill tailings project.


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Moab Uranium Mill Tailings News