The 24 Hours of Moab Live Bicycle Race

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2012 Live Webcams

It’s official… Josh Tostado won the coveted Men's Solo title at the eighteenth annual... and final 24-Hours of Moab off-road bike race. On his tenth lap, chief rival and 2011 winner, Andrew Jaques-Maynes reached to turn on his lights. In a matter of moments, Andrew was on the ground and out of the race.

   Plush Kokopelli on the 2012 Live Webcam Action
2012 marked the 18th and final year of the 24-Hours of Moab, where racers from around the world put fat tires to the slickrock and singletrack outside Utah’s mountain biking Mecca in a remote venue twelve miles south of town. Again in 2012, a resurgence of support for solo and team ramped-up the competition another notch.

It all happened again on October 6 & 7, 2012. This year, Moab Live, through its website featured two live webcams for the duration of the race. Camera One featured baton-passing at race-central, Behind the Rocks near Moab, Utah. Our second webcam was the weathervane, with a clear view of 12,726 foot Mt. Peale, in the La Sal Range. Many thanks to race promoter Laird Knight and his Granny Gear Productions for graciously providing unlimited bandwidth for both Moab24Live webcams.

Animated GIF of the 2011 24-HOM in Moab, Utah

On October 6 - 7, 2012, hundreds of racers checked in at the end of each grueling lap. Day and night, we were there in 2012, bringing a live view of the greatest mountain bike race ever. Thanks to all who joined us live for the 2012 race at

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