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  1. May 4, 2023 Photos of two other Burro cranes have been found, showing former SP and MP cranes, BC150 (ex SP), and BC9703 (ex MP). Burro Crane A "Burro" crane is a small four-wheel mobile lifting crane with a very small lifting capacity, designed to lift railroad ties and railroad rails as part of track maintenance.

  2. Pictures of the two cranes at the California State Railroad Museum (25th February 2017) Diesel conversion wrecker crane at New Castle, Indian (22nd March 2016) Illinois Museum pictures (17th November 2015) Corrections to the Jefferson Louisiana entry (20th June 2015) Many updates and pictures (check for 8th May 2015)

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  3. May 14, 2024 Manitex International now manufactures the successor. to the Burro cranes. Model 1085R is built by Badger. Equipment of Winona, Minnesota. Badger is a subsidiary. of Manitex. Manitex was spun-off from the Manitowoc. Company in 2003 as a condition of Manitowoc's 2002. purchase of Grove.

  4. The "Burro" cranes were named after the favoured pack animal of the old West, a Spanish breed of donkey. #1005 was used for maintenance of way work, such as lifting rails and ties, installing signalling equipment or point systems. The boom can be fitted with different tools depending on the assignment, from the simple hook to an electromagnet.

  5. Sep 19, 2020 In the summer of 2020 I had the opportunity to see a Model 40 Burro Crane, one of the last of its kind, replacing a railroad crossing in Barrington IL.Filmed...

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  6. Burro Model 15 Crane and Integrated Crane Car No.1005 on display at the Georgia State Railroad Museum in Yamacraw Village in the City of Savannah Chatham County Georgia U.S.A. This all purpose, light weight Burro Model 15 Crane and integrated crane car was built by the Cullen-Friestedt Company of Chicago, IL for the New Hope Valley Railway. The "Burro" cranes were named after the favoured pack ...

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  7. Conrail Cranes and Wreck Equipment Track Cranes CR 5813 King of Prussia, PA 2-21-1977 EMD GP7 and GP9 Track Cranes Abrams yard Alan Page's CR: 11-1976 to 4-1977

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