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Remembering Rick Polikowski (1948-2013)

Our Burbank High School Class of '66 classmate Guy Gingell recently posted a video of the 1970s rock band Grand Funk Railroad on tour in Europe. The year was 1976 and the band was at the height of their fame, with six consecutive Gold Records to their credit. Iif you were alive during that time, you will remember the band's Number One single, 'We're An American Band'.

Keyboardist Rick Polikowski and Grand Funk Railroad in Europe - 1976 (Not '67)
Although his involvement in the band was unknown to most of his BHS classmates, Rick Polikowski (BHS Class of '66) played keyboards for the band during the height of their success. If you watch the video, you will hear that iconic rock song and see images of the band while on tour in Europe. Watch for the credit-roll, where Rick comes up first.

In 2009, Rick Polikowski contacted Cathy Emmett Palmer (BHS '67) to identify himself as the lucky person surrounded by a bevy of BHS beauties in the accompanying photo. Writing to Cathy, Rick said, "I can't believe the website you created! I am the guy in the photo of the KO's! I still have that photo, and I find it amazing that you found it". Throughout 2012, Rick was active on Facebook, contacting friends and posting his favorite videos.

In June 2013, Guy Gingell received sad news, which Cathy posted on her blog. "Our friend, Rick Polikowski has passed away from cancer. Details are slow in coming as he was in living in Costa Rica". The exact circumstances of Rick Polikowski's death are still unknown. Classmates and friends who knew his winning smile and easygoing way will always remember Rick Polikowski with the best of thoughts.