Burbank High 1966 - In Memoriam

In honor of our dearly departed classmates -

In June of 1966, the BHS Class of '66 gathered at the Starlight Bowl for our high school graduation. After "walking the stage" and receiving our diplomas, many boarded busses bound for Grad Night at Disneyland. Others went home and contemplated what might come next. Would we ever see our high school friends again or would we all drift away in pursuit of college or careers? In 1966, there was no email, internet or social media. The best that most of us could do was to keep in touch with a few good friends.

As the decades flew by, high school drifted into memories, but few of us remember a tenth or a twenty-fifth class reunion. Did those events even happen? In 2008, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Burbank High School, many attended the event and met old friends again at the Class of 1966 table. By 2011, we had a "proper" class reunion weekend, culminating with a celebration at the Castaway Restaurant. With help from social media, hundreds of us attended the happy event.

Over those years, we occasionally heard about the death of a classmate. Always, it was sad, poignant and and led to reflections about our own mortality. With that in mind, the Reunion Committee created three lists of BHS '66 classmates. First was the BHS Class of '66 Roster of Names, which includes all known classmates, including the deceased. Second was the BHS Class of '66 "Missing" List, including those for whom the committee had no current record. Third is the BHS Class of '66 "In Memoriam" List.

The "In Memoriam" link above offers only names and dates (if known) of our departed classmates. The list below is a new, more comprehensive tribute, which will include links to any known obituaries for our fondly remembered friends. If you spot any mistakes in this list or have links to other BHS '66 obituaries, please send an email via the Contact page.

Alexander-Deceased 1970 Bob
Angel-Deceased 3/12 Rick
Antonucci-Deceased 2013 John
Atzei-Deceased 7/17 Tim
Bagley-Deceased 2016 Glenn
Bailey-Deceased Marsha*
Bailey-Deceased 12/09 Greg
Baker-Deceased Terry*
Bammel-Deceased 2018 Tom
Baumgartner-Deceased 2016 John
Beauregard-Deceased Jacque “Jock”*
Beard-Deceased 1994 Larry
Bell-Deceased Rick*
Bencheck-Deceased 6/06 Chris
Bennett-Deceased 6/10 Jim
Blackwood-Deceased Phyllis*
Bressie-Deceased Larry
Brownlee-Deceased Jim 2001
Buckley-Deceased 9/08 Alan (Buck)
Carlson-Deceased 2012 Lee*
Carone-Deceased Joanne*
Caughey-Deceased 2005 Bill
Cooper-Deceased 2015 Terry
Copeland-Deceased Jarvy
Davis-Deceased 6/15 Jim
Delge-Deceased 7/13 Donald
Di Cesare-Deceased ‘74 Anthony*
Dupree-Deceased ‘08 Dave*
Espinoza-Deceased 12/13 Bob
Fitzhugh-Deceased '12 JoAnn
Fleming-Deceased ‘97 Jim*
Forrest-Deceased 6/17 Steve
Giesel-Deceased Pam*
Goldberg-Deceased Margie*
Groves-Deceased 2006 Susan
Hagge-Deceased 2017 Penny
Hansen-Deceased 2014 Greg
Harm-Deceased 10/15 Greg
Hearne-Deceased Mike 2015
Holden-Deceased 6/11 Ron
Hornbeck-Deceased 2016 Julie
Houser-Deceased 4/10 Burdette*
Hughes-Deceased 2008 Michael*
Humphrey-Deceased Judy*
Humphrey-Deceased 12/13 Doug
Johnson-Deceased ?2000 Carol*
Johnson-Deceased Nancy*
Keddington-Deceased 11/2015 Leon
Keith-Deceased Dave*
Kelley-Deceased Kathy 1964
Krouse-Deceased Sally*
Kuszewski-Deceased 3/09 Allen
Lee-Deceased 2012 Corrine*
Leger-Deceased Alan*
LeValley-Deceased 2002 Ken*
Lewis-Deceased 4/17 Carol
Logan-Deceased Randy*
Bob LovejoyLovejoy-Deceased 7/18 Bob
Marcus-Deceased Steve*
Maxam-Deceased Vnam’68 Larry
McEntire-Deceased 1985 Karry
McGinnis-Deceased 3/14 Lyn
McGinnis-Deceased 2/11 Tokey
McWilliams-Deceased 4/18 Jerry
Metcalf-Deceased 5/15 Gary
Miller-Deceased 2010 Randie
Moon-Deceased 2007 Vic
Moore-Deceased 1992 Judy
Naccarato-Deceased 1990 Susan
Newbro-Deceased 1984 Nancy
Niers-Deceased Marion*
Parlin-Deceased 1995 Tom
Pease-Deceased Bob*
Peterson-Deceased 3/14 Marilyn
Polikowski-Deceased 2013 Rick (Visit our Media Page)
Potorski-Deceased 9/16 Kathy
Powley-Deceased 1989 Sue
Quintanar-Deceased Roberto*
Riley-Deceased Brenda*
Riley-Deceased Janet*
Romanisky-Deceased Bob*
Rogan-Deceased 1/18 Maria
Rugee-Deceased 7/13 Dave
Sanford-Deceased Al*
Scott-Deceased Ron*
Shabazian-Deceased 2015 Al
Shapiro-Deceased 5/11 Maureen
Sparling-Deceased Sharon*
Stiel-Deceased 1997 Raymonde
Swanson-Deceased 4/16 Corrine
Thomas-Deceased 1988 Robert*
Tirre-Deceased Alice*
Toland-Deceased 2016 Darrel
Truesdale-Deceased ‘07 Kathy
Watson-Deceased 2011 Stephen
Watson-Deceased Les*
Wernsing-Deceased Sharon*
Wood-Deceased Bill*
Young-Deceased 09/16 Phil
Zwissler-Deceased 1/16 Bob

* Indicates no known obituary. Please provide a personal memory or a link regarding any such individual via the Contact page.

All BHS '66 lists mentioned in this website were originally created and distributed by the BHS '66 50th Reunion Committee. Using other sources, this page was last updated in September 2018.