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BurbankHigh1966.net is an informational website for and about the Burbank High School Class of 1966 in Burbank, California. Please contact the reunion committee for the latest information regarding a potential BHS '66 sixtieth class reunion in 2026.

Live webcam from the Tournament of Roses Association in Burbank, California.

Live webcam from the Tournament of Roses Association in Burbank, California.

Burbank High Class of '66 -

For many of us, it has been over fifty-five years since we gave high school any serious thought. After graduation in June 1966, we were in the Service, off to college or starting our careers. If you wanted to keep in touch with a classmate, you needed an address book and a telephone number. Now, when we read the name and see a photo of someone with whom we may have spent twelve school-years, it quickens our hearts. Is our old friend hail and hearty or are we reading an obituary?

For us, high school was "one and done", or so we thought. Now, fifty-five plus years later, we contemplate the prospects of a sixtieth class reunion in 2026. Back in the day, we did have class, whether we knew it or not. Never, anywhere in this universe did 645 high school students get together and have more fun doing silly things.

In that spirit, the BHS Class of '66 may yet meet again at The Castaways Restaurant in 2026. Book your resevation soon.

- BHS Class of '66

It's been over 55-years... Are we there yet?

This 1948 Ford Woody was formerly a four-door model. The current owner found a two-door back-end and clipped it on to make an instant classic, as seen in the 2016 Burbank Rose Parade Float. That is Burbank ingenuity!

The Original "You know you're from Burbank if..."

...you've ever made out in the parking lot of the Mormon church or the Starlight Bowl
...you think AutoBooks-Aerobooks on Magnolia is the coolest bookstore, ever
...you saw "The Ghost and Mister Chicken" at the California Theater
...you know what Smoke House garlic bread tastes like
...you know you can also get it at the DeBell Clubhouse
...you revere the Martino's teacake
...you watch Tim Burton films merely because he's a homie
...you know the Blarney Stone wasn't just in Ireland
...you know that The Ramp isn't merely a way to get on I-5
...you know where the Popeye weathervane was
...you know Cabrini isn't a pasta sauce
...you admire the airplane art on the wall at Pinocchio's
...you know where to find a really, really nice old car show for free every Friday night
...you wondered why the King Swede Jell-O had no taste at all
...you used to buy pants at Miller's Outpost
...you know what two colors the Borrmann Steel sign is
...you wondered what academic subjects were taught at the Kovats Academy
...you ever tried making sense of the Sargent's menu
...you drove down Glenoaks and pondered the names of Drs. Penix and Penix
...you know that with doughnuts the only thing missing is "u."
...you never took the Burbank Studios Tour
...you bought tubes from Electronic City
...you associate the words "Stelling-Hellings" with a handlebar mustache
...you get the joke about "Beautiful Downtown Burbank"
...you made gimp key fobs at one of the parks in the summer
...you know what rotting eucalyptus leaves smell like
...you know that the traffic light near the Home Savings didn't stay green long
...you went swimming at "Pickwick Pool" in the summer
...you trick or treated in Toluca Lake

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