Theory of Everything - Part 4

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Dave Brubeck's Chromatic Sun Sonata Album Cover - Click for alternative image. (

Seeing is Believing - Basic Geometric Shapes Occur in Nature 

Like the double helix of our DNA, light and new energy arrive on Earth bound together in inscrutable mystery.  In order to solve this mystery, our intuition tells us to review all aspects of light energy.  This morning, we sat on the back lawn, looking closely at a dewdrop shining on a blade of grass.  When we focused through one eye, we saw a microscopic reflection of the Sun.  The chromatic image of the rising Sun reminded us that new energy potentials often appear as anomalies on naturally occurring hyperphysical surfaces.  Allowing the lens of your camera to capture a single a ray of direct sunlight will provide a 2DTwin taillights become a 7-light hypersphere array when you click for alternative image. ( representation of the Sun's 3D chromosphere.  If our viewing lens induces both chromatic and spherical aberrations, the visual result will be a holographic, or 4D chromatic hypersphere
Our astigmatic vision derives from corneal or internal lens shape irregularities, or both.  With both eyes open, we can detect seven to nine different points of focus.  To verify our multi-point vision, we entered a dark room, lit by a single LED light.  Closing one eye, and then the other, while focusing on the LED light, we made mental note of focal points available to each eye.  Focusing with both eyes, we could see their combined and overlapping focal points.  Typically, we wear eyeglasses, which negate the described holographic effects.
"Lighted Pylon" is an exploding pyramidal effect - Click for larger image. ( 
While stopped in traffic one rainy afternoon, we removed our eyeglasses and observed automobile taillights on LA’s 405 Freeway.  Whether for redundancy or style, many autos have twin taillights displayed at each rear corner.  Viewing one pair of lights created for us a stack of lights in a two-three-two array.  Using our uncorrected vision, two lights manifested as a seven-light crystal array.
Occasionally, we drive at night without glasses.  Then, the lane-marking reflectors look as if sliced by a meat slicer, with each slice loosely stacked upon another.  At their apparent full height, each reflector looks like a lighted pylon.  As we approach, each reflector retracts down to its expected terrestrial size.  While night driving on a road with well-maintained reflectors, it appears that we are steering between a pair of 3D reflector-fences.Stacked slats create a horizontal shutter effect - Click for holographic image of a teapot, hidden within the graphic (
This afternoon, we shed our eyeglasses, sat on our yoga mat and faced a mirror.  Taking our own advice, we offered love and appreciation to All that Is.  As if performing a prayer, we closed our fingertips before us, then raised them overhead.  A window was to our back, its half-closed shutters allowing light in from outside.  We gazed into the mirror image of our self, the shutters and the window.  Light, reflected through the half-closed shutters, came to us masked into horizontal strips.  As we starred at the light pouring around our upraised extremities, we perceived it as a display of diffuse, triangular lights.  Their effect was reminiscent of the taillight arrays previously described.
Celestial Einstein-Lens proves "negatively curved space" theory. - Click for larger image ( 
As our eyesight translated the image, a three dimensional moiré effect appeared where the horizontal shutters and our angled limbs crossed paths.  By moving our fingertips up or down, we could merge or separate these stacked dimensions of light.  Part of our 4D light-array existed here and part of it penetrated the veils of illusion, extending into another dimension.  Lewis Carol’s “Through the Looking Glass” and our own theory of energy bridges came to mind.  In the spirit of Thoreau’s Other, the image existed somewhere between here and there.
Much like the All Seeing Eye on the reverse side of the dollar bill, our "pyramidal limbs" had intersected the Akashic plane.  Between the slats, we could see an energetic aura emanating from the top of our head.  Although our physical hair is mid-length, our aura-hair more than filled the gaps between the slats, creating a glowing array of amorphous light.  In our mind's eye, we saw how the All Seeing Eye bridges universal energy, in what Albert Einstein called negatively curved space.
Einstein-Lens, over Getty Center, Los Angeles, CA shows, "As it is above, so it is below." - Click for close-up image ( 
In her classic book, “Kundalini and The Chakras”, author Genevieve Lewis Paulson relates a similar phenomenon, known as Kundalini energy release.  To quote, she says, “the red-orange Kundalini energy rises up through the body and out the crown chakra.  It mixes above the head with divine energy (radiant white or silver) and the mixture showers over the body in a luminous glow or silver sheen.”  The glow of new energy emanating from the top of our head contained shades of gray, green and silver.
To access new energy, we sit with eyes closed, facing the morning Sun.  By moving our face like a satellite dish, we can tune our reception of the Sun’s energy.  For a time, we allow the Sun’s energy to penetrate our closed eyelids.  If we limit our heliotherapy sessions to less than three minutes, we avoid the risk of sunburn. 
As we gaze through closed eyes, we can see new energy patterns form and evolve on the inside of our eyelids.  After a minute or two, we slowly open our eyes, allowing in more of the Sun’s energy.  As we thin the veil that is our eyelids, we allow in higher levels of vibrational energy
Please remember that the Sun has powerful effects.  Therefore, we do not recommend looking at the Sun with eyelids open.  Most adherents to sun gazing look directly at the Sun only near sundown, when the atmosphere filters ultraviolet light. 
Sundown in the West creates green flash of new energy - Click for alternate, larger image of similar phenomenon at Kodachrome State Park, Utah ( 
On Earth, the Sun is our most important Source of new energy.  Since the Sun and we are elements of All that Is, we share divine consciousness.  As Earth’s provider of light and life, the Sun is a good place to look for indicators of new energy.
Each time that we commune with Nature, we connect with divine energy.  On the New Earth, divine energy flows simultaneously in all directions.  Through conscious invitation, Source is always with us.  Using Thoreau’s concept of self and Other, our connectedness and our consciousness merge.  As we tune ourselves to universal consciousness, we create an ongoing exchange of love.  When we share our Love with All that Is, we experience our divine presence.  With that as our point of attraction, our long-held beliefs in shortage, fear and danger slip away. 
A fascinating aspect of new energy is that each of us experiences it in different ways.  Even for a single individual, new energy will manifest differently on different occasions.  If we rehash our old-energy story and beliefs, we lose access to new energy.  If we enter a state of belief or allowing, new energy becomes available to us.  Although we can prove none of this, our intuition and experience provide sufficient reason to believe.
Mother Nature (upper left, with eyes closed) and Yahweh (upper right, with eyes closed) provide eternal shelter for petroglyphic energy beings (bottom), at Sego Canyon, Southeastern Utah - Click for larger image. ( 
As children, we pray to God for signs of recognition or favor, but rarely do those requests manifest.  Even now, miracles are rare.  Personal alchemy and sacred geometry combine to support and describe that which we see as miraculous.  To learn more, you may refer to the Hart Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck website.
The deck has pictorial and written descriptions of the Platonic Solids, which are the among the basic shapes of nature and sacred geometry. Included are sacred geometric shapes in nature as diverse as a double helix of human DNA and a nautilus shell.  Each card offers an energy bridge to higher consciousness.  Through these cards, we can connect to Nature and therefore the universe.  By allowing two-dimensional picture cards to represent a universe that supports multiple dimensions, we diminish our collective amnesia about the human tragedy associated with the fall of Atlantis
Whether through sacred geometry or our alchemical experiments, we thin our veils of perception.  Using backward beam tracing of light and water interactions, we shall visit our cometary Rosetta Stone, from which we will learn how to translate new energy.  Personal alchemical experimentation with light and water will lead each of us to the discovery of our own passion.  Once we know our passion, we free ourselves to manifest our most cherished dreams.
The Merkaba - 3D intersecting pyramids - Sacred Geometry symbol of healing and safe-space - Click for larger image. ( 
Shortage mentality and “market pricing” characterize old-energy.  Unless shared freely with All that Is, new energy has no inherent value.  It cannot be sequestered, stored, rationed or sold.  However, if we neglect our personal connection with Source, our disconnection acts to filter out any and all new energy potentials.  In short, we pinch off our ability to experience the presence of new energy.  As with this article, when anyone feels like they have broken through the 3D veil, it behooves us to share such information with All that Is.
All indicators tell us that universal consciousness is possible.  If such a concept is not impossible, by definition it then is possible.  Once, we viewed dolphins leaping across pools of new energy along the coast, near Malibu, California.  Another day we observed the crystalline rainbow energy of light reflected in a drop of water.  Each day, if we choose, new energy manifests as love within us.  That love is for our self, the Other and to All that Is.From Infrared to ultraviolet - Chromatographic Rainbow image of Heart Energy - Click for alternative image of All that Is. (
Credits: Sacred Geometry images are from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, by artist Francene Hart.  Celestial Images are from the Astronomy Picture of The Day website.  All other photographs are by the author. 
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