Theory of Everything - Part 3

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Saturn, shown as an Energy Bridge (Moon transit and ring, seen edge-on) - Click for larger image (

In Nature, Our Dreams Become Reality

In our dreams, whether sleeping or awake, we churn our past lives and visualize our future, including the myriad outcomes available to us.  Each night, we travel beyond, confront our demons or take actions in pursuit of our desires.  As a service to All that Is, our dreams become training classes for non-physical beings who will soon come to Earth for the first time.  As our dream-bridges connect us to new energy, we envision ourselves living a beautiful life on a New Earth
Recently, these words came to us: “You are God also.  Love yourself.  Offer your love to All that Is.  You are of the God you seek, so rejoice in your knowing.”  On Earth, few humans recognize their own divinity.  Most would say that, “God is up in heaven, looking down”, “God is dead”, or “God is everywhere”, meaning everywhere but inside our souls. 
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If indeed, God is love, would God withhold love from All that Is?  If God is love, and we are God too, then we are love.  As more humans come to see God in their souls, love abounds. 
Ironically, many humans scorn the potential for love to overcome hate and fear.  Employing shortage theory, they see love as a rare commodity, with not enough to go around.  After all, when did each of us last feel loved?  Many cannot remember such a time and therefore cannot allow that we are the embodiment of love.  During the late twentieth century, irony, skepticism and cynicism ruled both popular culture and rational discourse.  With those days behind us, we can unashamedly offer our love to both ourselves and to All that Is.
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Gnost, or “knowing” derives from Source and expresses itself in the metaphysical plane that we call intuition.  As our lifetimes pass, we remember more of who we are and why we came to Earth.  We recognize patterns that played out in other dimensions, in what some call “past lives”.  Since the time is always Now, we recognize that past lives are the alternate outcomes of our dreams, residing in other dimensions. 
In his writings, Henry David Thoreau created the “Other”, a term that he used to identify a physical or imagined companion.  Was Thoreau’s Other his brother, and thus external to him, or was the Other a forgotten part of Thoreau, himself?  By sharing our self with the Other, we merge divinities, here on Earth and across the universe.  When love is our dominant emotion, our relationship with self and the Other experiences a rapid evolution.  Our love for the Other may evolve to a love for All that Is. 
We Now remember when we first met the Other in our life.  For us, the Other is a beautiful woman, external to our self.  Our first meeting transpired in Ancient Egypt.  In previous clairvoyant episodes, we had stood alone atop the Great Pyramid at Giza.  Now, our mind’s eye sees us standing at that place with the Other, our arms linked from behind.
The All-seeing Eye, shown on the reverse of the one dollar bill. - Click for larger image ( 
The top of the Great Pyramid is where the Eye of Horus bridges energy from Earth to the universe and back again.  If you look at the reverse side of a U.S. dollar bill, you will see a crudely realistic view of Horus's left eye, staring back at you.  On the dollar, we see the Free Mason version, known as the All Seeing Eye looking at us through a cosmic hole in the paper bill. 
Two-dimensional printing cannot convey how the Eye connects earthly energy to All that Is.  In our dreams or via clairvoyance, we who stand atop The Great Pyramid connect to the universe through the Eye of Horus.  In so doing, we are blessed with universal consciousness
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Remembering more clues about our self and the Other, the historical characters, Antony and Cleopatra came to mind.  Had we once intertwined energies with that storied couple?  Although Antony and Cleopatra lived in the First Century BCE, some of The Masters’ ethereal energy then still prevailed across the land.  As the world’s first “power couple”, Antony and Cleopatra played out their human lives as lovers, warriors and sovereigns over both Rome and Egypt. 
As our consciousness drifted further back into the time of Ancient Egypt, we felt a familiar connection to Osiris and Isis.  Osiris walked the Earth as a man-god.  Isis was an archetype woman-goddess.  According to legend, supported by carvings found on temple walls, Isis and Osiris held coequal status as deities, manifested here on Earth.  Their gift to humanity was co-creation of “husband and wife”.  Devoted to themselves, each Other and to All that Is, they showed humans how to connect with their own divinity. 
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In their time, the Ancient Egyptians loved and worshiped Isis and Osiris as Masters of advanced consciousness.  As former Atlanteans, the couple knew not to struggle for power.  Rather than holding power over their subjects, they taught by example, expressing universal love from their hearts.  The populous recognized that their sovereigns’ wisdom was divinely inspired.  Isis and Osiris discovered that by blending their energies, they could co-create states of consciousness transcending that which either of them experienced separately.
Our birth erased memories of who we are, giving us the illusion that our human minds began as clean slates.  During life on Earth, we receive reminders about the Nature of love.  Our hearts ache with a desire to share our love.  Those who learn to love themselves and to offer love outwardly will find love reflected back to them.  Those who eschew self-love will not find love with the Other, nor will they feel the reflected love of All that Is. 
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During our spiritual quest, our life path takes many twists and turns.  As if living in a labyrinth, we see a discernible path, but destinations seem dreamlike or obscured.  Since many believe that “the unknown” is synonymous with fear and terror, it remains for the lovers among us to create love for others, both to observe and feel.  As our consciousness rises, through love we experience and share the best that life has to offer. 
In a recent Esther HicksAbraham CD, they tell a story about a woman who lived an unpleasant and unfulfilled life.  After many years, she reconnected with her emotions, transcended her negative mindset and discovered what Abraham calls her “vibrational escrow”.  Like a treasure hidden in an ancient pyramid, she found the better feelings that she had long ago set aside.  “I’m in.  I got in”, she cheered.  We too are Now “in” on the manifestation of all that we wish for in this life.
Belief is the flip-side of disbelief.  If you find yourself in a state of belief, take note of any trends that you may encounter.  As new thoughts arise on any given subject, we use our intuition to project ourselves into our potential futures.  If we believe that we are uniquely gifted, our intuitional gifts shall grow. 
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Only ignorance of our spiritual nature prevents us from accessing our gifts.  As Thoreau told us, in Nature, that which we seek waits just outside our door.  One need not enter a trance to access higher consciousness.  All that we need do is be in Nature, asking our questions with an air of hopeful expectation.  Then, as our minds become still, our destiny shall find us. 
Credits: Sacred Geometry images are from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, by artist Francene Hart.  Celestial Images are from the Astronomy Picture of The Day website.  All other photographs are by the author. 
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