Theory of Everything - Part 2

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Ascension Made Easy - We Are Already Gone

In winter, the Southern California Sun shines warm across the land and sea.  Until the next rain, each sunny day seems more beautiful than the previous.  When the Sun is out, our backyard becomes a garden paradise, where we find the keys to fulfillment of our dreams. 
Directing one’s own ascension is a simple process.  If you are unfamiliar with the tenets of new energy, the Crimson Circle Channel Library is a good place to start.  Click on the current series to find Geoffrey Hoppe’s latest channelings of Adamus Saint-Germain.
Another Source of new energy information is Esther Hicks, channeling a group of non-physical entities called Abraham.  The Teachings of Abraham website is free to all. 
The Daily Motivator”, from Ralph Marston, links to a multimedia slideshow that is focused on new energy.  Six days each week, Ralph publishes a short story of hope and inspiration. A full year's subscription is still only fifteen dollars. 
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Eckhart Tolle’s classic, “The Power of Now” is a compelling read.  After completing that book, read Tolle’s “A New Earth”.  Although Tolle is human, he writes in The Masters’ voice. 
While reading or listening to the voices of Abraham, Marston, Tobias or Tolle, we access an evolving new consciousness.  Is it time for new energy to resonate within each of us? 
As human beings, we are artistic in Nature.  As we reach out with our dreams, do they manifest as expected?  That is a trick question, for the answer is always, “Yes”.  If we expect the worst, that is what we will get.  If we halfheartedly believe in our dreams, our hearts create a netherworld, without love or fulfillment.  In that sense, we are the creators of our own destinies. 
Gaia - The living body of Earth - Click for larger imageThe artist’s role is to allow the artistic self to flourish in this life.  If we stifle human feelings and desires, our Jungian “Shadow Self” will step forward as the artist.  Law of Attraction tells us that what we think about most, consciously or not, shall manifest.  Not unlike an Ancient Greek carving that shows a snake swallowing its own tail, the protests of an “anti-artist” human become, intrinsically, artistic expression.
As children in the 1950s, we heard news that Watson & Crick had parsed out human DNA.  Suddenly, everyone was talking about genes.  As our inner child grew up, we assumed that human DNA was immutableCharles Darwin's theory of evolution reinforced what geneticists told us.  At conception, they said, chance ruled the recombination of our parental DNA.  Except for the effects of mutagens, such as radioactivity, scientists said that we would live and die with our selfsame personal genome.
Also in the 1950s, scientists told us that the average human utilizes only ten percent of his or her brain.  That pessimistic assessment embarrassed us into thinking that we suffered from deficient minds.  Since we manifest what we think about most, humanity’s acceptance of diminished mental capacity created for us a spiritual glass ceiling.  We started at ten percent brain-function and we expected to die at that same paltry level.
Since it takes only three percent of our DNA to constitute a functioning human body, scientists once considered ninety-seven percent of our DNA to be "junk".  Intuitively, it makes no sense that human DNA should waste so much of our genetic makeup.  With Her penchant for economical modeling of life forms, Nature would not carry a load that is 97% junk.  Still, most humans believe that DNA transmutation is as unlikely as increasing our brainpower.
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Whether or not we choose our parents at conception, we arrived in our current time-space reality with a limited component of expressed DNA.  Group consciousness, which we refer to as “They”, told us that fertilization of the human egg had locked in our DNA before birth.  “They”, however, were ignorant of new energy potentials.  As we raise human consciousness, each of us may express our DNA as desired. 
As you read this passage, stop for a moment and gently clasp your hands over your head; then stretch your arms back to the limits of your comfort range.  Did something inside you feel good?  That indescribable feeling coincides with DNA activation, and a sympathetic release of new energy. 
Now, take a several deep breaths.  What, if anything, did you feel this time?  Was your incremental release of new energy higher or lower during the second exercise?  If your energy level rose, that demonstrates the optimism with which you face the future.  If your energy diminished, or if you stubbornly refused to breathe, you may still have room to improve your outlook on life. 
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Our desire is to allow a lifting of our  personal energy state.  Each day, we start wherever our point of attraction may be, then quest upward towards optimism, bliss and eternal happiness.  When we are optimistic, the artistic or Shadow Self shall flourish.  If we allow optimism, we realize that better-feeling thoughts are always available to us.  With a little practice, we begin to create patterns in our lives that lead us toward our dreams. 
One way to bring about change is by offering gratitude to All that Is.  As our emotions well up, and then effervesce, we open an energy bridge to the universe.  Since our effervescent agent is oxygen, conscious breathing provides fuel for our ascension process.  To access new energy, all that we need do is gently stretch our muscles, sit quietly and then breathe.  As we “still our minds”, our hearts become free to create in unending love for All that Is.  In accordance with the Law of Attraction, the universe reflects the love of All that Is back to us.
Whether taking a deep breath or stretching one’s muscles, there are several reasons that we feel our well-being.  Rhythmic breathing, combined with stretching allows our DNA to express itself within our physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Our vortex of expressed DNA then opens a portal to higher consciousness
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As we surrender, we allow our DNA to express itself towards our fate or destiny.  Law of Attraction says that our dominant energy state, conscious or not, becomes our point of attraction.  By allowing our DNA to change “at will”, we evolve in support of our most prevalent thoughts.  Once a thought is “thought upon”, it becomes part of the universal library of thought.  The artist’s role is to venture beyond current consciousness, discovering the magic of the "now moment".  When the artist shares that moment, the cycle is complete. 
If the number of artists seeking change is equal to, or greater than the square root of one percent of a total population, consciousness will move towards that new mode of thought.  Enlightened thoughts carry with them a higher level of vibrational energy than do “negative thoughts”.  Because of their vibrational signature, only positive or enlightened thoughts express themselves as new energy. 
As more humans accept the concept of new energy, desire for positive change leads to ever-faster manifestation.  In September 2007, an energy shift created a Quantum Leap of energy on Earth.  A small number of likeminded and optimistic individuals had requested that positive change.  In so doing, their individual and collective energy created a potential for change.  Since all humans are coequal co-creators on Earth, it was appropriate for that small group to lead humanity toward new energy and a New Earth. 
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Watson and Crick gave us the language of DNA, with its tri-nucleotide codons, designated by the letters AGCT.  In so doing, they helped open a new field of human research.  The past fifty years of genetic science coincided with a spiritual reawakening on Earth.  On many subjects, scientific experimentation and spiritual thought converged.  Self-activation of DNA became possible for the first time since the fall of Atlantis.  No longer were we restricted to our birth-complement of DNA.  Through conscious thought, we may now experience evolution in this lifetime.
As we saw with the 2007 Quantum Leap, even a miniscule sample of a given population can precipitate a population-wide shift in consciousness.  Belief in the transmutability of DNA has proceeded beyond the tipping-point, thus allowing a shift in human consciousness.  As “They” say, this free-DNA information will soon become common knowledge. 
Credits: Sacred Geometry images are from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, by artist Francene Hart.  Celestial Images are from the Astronomy Picture of The Day website.  All other photographs are by the author. 
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