Theory of Everything - Part 1

Partial view, Rainbow Natural Bridge, Southeastern Utah - Click for larger image (

Visit Atlantis During The Fall

Before we begin, there is time for each of us to take a deep breath, so please do so.
Did you find yourself consciously breathing, as we requested?  If so, please read on, as there may be something of interest here for you.  If not, we suggest that you move to another topic, as this information may not be timely.
Is it a cliché to say that we live in a time of change?  In the 1960s, young people embraced the concept of change.  With their sheer force of numbers, the baby boomers expected change.  One by one, the boomers’ heroes and leaders departed, leaving us on our own for almost forty years. 
Picture, if you will, a curved “energy bridge”, stretching from the 1960s to the present day.  In our imagination, the bridge looks something like Rainbow Natural Bridge, in Southeastern Utah.  If we could convert energy into an arch of solid stone, the flow pattern would follow a similar curve.  With our bridge, the complimentary curve of energy hidden beneath the Earth’s surface is its “shadow”.  As the human mind joins both halves of the energy bridge, a fossilized torus appears, half-buried in the Earth. 
Do extraterrestrials arrive on Earth in UFOs?  Advanced, high-vibrational entities visiting Earth for the first time would more likely arrive here as energy objects, spilling from one dimension into another.  Why waste the time to manifest as physical entities, except to let humanity know that they are here?  Hovering UFOs - Click for large image of flying saucer, in transit to Area 51, Nevada (
For most humans, seeing is the first step toward believing.  In times of need, the universe sends comets, asteroids, meteoroids and even human-made satellite parts to Earth.  For example, as the Moon set in the predawn sky on February 23, 2009, it formed a remarkable conjunction with Mercury, Jupiter and Mars.  The next night, Saturn and Comet Lulin converged in the constellation Leo, separated by only two degrees of arc.  At the same time that Comet Lulin made its closest approach to Earth (38 million miles), four of Saturn's moons transited the disk of the ringed planet. 
On March 2, 2009, newly discovered Asteroid 2009 DD45 came to within 72,000 km of Earth.  That is only twice the height of a geostationary communications satellite.  The asteroid measured 30 to 40 meters across, similar in size to the Tunguska impactor of 1908.  When The Ancients spoke about “seeing the light”, the light always shone from above, enlightening any seers gazing up from Earth.
When such celestial events occur in rapid succession, fearful humans often refer to end-of-days scenarios.  They believe that a wrathful God is about to put an end to the experimental greenhouse known as Earth.  A cataclysmic end may indeed be waiting for them, but such an outcome is not preordained for all of humanity.  If some wish to redeploy their spirits in a blaze of glory, such a fate is theirs to choose.  All we ask is that they depart on their own, rather than demanding that we go with them.  For reasons related to Law of Attraction, a relative few will choose to go.  Watch your local TV news for details regarding unconscious humans trying to kill both themselves and those they once called "loved ones". 
Feb. 2009 conjunction of Moon, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars. - Click for larger image ( 
Returning to our stone arch torus, we see that it represents the energy signature of an ancient comet, half-buried in the surface of the Earth.  In the time of Atlantis, requests of critical importance emanated from humans on Earth.  Both then and Now, human consciousness asked for help with the future viability of terrestrial life.  As Atlantis teetered on the brink, cometary visitations coincided with a shift in human consciousness.
Intuition tells us that in the time of Atlantis, human-made changes threatened Gaia, our Mother Earth.  In the run-up to the demise of Atlantis, there were earthquakes, fires, famine and finally, a great flood.  The Atlantean elite, unchecked by the overall population, influenced or precipitated each of those calamities. 
Acting in a way that defined the word “hubris”, the elite believed that they controlled both their own destiny and the destiny of the Earth.  As they expanded their powers, Atlantian-elite belief systems challenged Gaia’s role as protector, nurturer and spiritual mother to all life on Earth.  Neglecting their feelings in favor of their overdeveloped brainpower, the smug, self-righteous elite believed that they controlled Source Energy.
If Galileo’s telescope had then existed, Atlantians could have seen that both Venus and Mars had once exhibited thriving physical life forms.  As the elite attempted to disrupt or re-channel energy flow on Earth, they remained ignorant of earlier cataclysms on both Mars and Venus.  Comet Lulin, after its tail was severed by solar wind, February 2009 - Click for large alternate image. (
The sheer terror emanating from Atlantis at its time of destruction created an enduring, humanity-wide amnesia.  The Earth itself survived, but the exercise of unbridled power had destroyed Atlantis, then the world’s most advanced civilization. 
As the veil between dimensions now thins, we see that current human activities again risk the destruction of life on Earth.  Will our consciousness allow us to learn a lesson from what science tells us is a mythical Atlantis?  In this lifetime, most of us will participate in and witness the answer to that question.
Although energy has shifted and consciousness has evolved since the days of Atlantis, humans still tend toward self-delusion.  If the ongoing burning of fossil fuels will destroy our reproductive viability, why do we still discuss our choices in terms of least-cost analysis?  As the Atlantians discovered, there is only one measure of cost, and that is the cost of our human lives.
Today, most humans see money as both their security and their salvation.  In their unrelenting quest for more, humans injure all life on Earth.  Students of Earth sciences believe that the planet may now be at the tipping-point of its viability. 
Gaia, Planet Earth, from Space - Click for larger image. ( quite recently, biodiversity mattered little to humankind.  As long as we could dominate all other species, we thought that we were safe.  Has the real endgame yet begun?  Most Atlantians believed that they too were in their halcyon days.  Their lust for power over all dominions precipitated surges of energy like none ever seen, before or after that time.  As energy bridges disintegrated under the strain, terrestrial events took over and destroyed Atlantis, casting its remnants asunder.
Near the end, a few Atlantians offered Gaia a heartfelt cry of love.  In response to those poignant yearning, comets rained down upon the Earth, carrying within their ethereal bodies both new water and new life forms.  Gaia engulfed Atlantis, subducting it and composting it into the very fossil fuels we now burn.  The scant amount of human genetic material that survived the flood was scattered to other parts of the world.
The deluge of Atlantis is a classic case of new energy arriving on Earth encapsulated in life-giving water.  Until then, the land area and the ocean's surface area were nearly equal in size.  After the cometary deluge, water covered most of the Earth’s surface, including much of Pangaea, where Atlantis once stood.  Today, time and the Atlantic Ocean hide any trace of its earlier namesake, Atlantis.  After the breakup of Pangaea, entire continents floated away on beds of magma, creating what we now call the seven seas.Energy Bridge - Click for larger image.  Then see how many faces of energy beings you can identify on the arch. (
As recently as the 1960s, scientists distrusted the concept of Plate Tectonics.  They clung to their beliefs, despite the fact that any schoolchild could see that the landforms on either side of the Atlantic fit together like puzzle pieces.  Such an anomaly was mere coincidence, most scientists said.  Helping to perpetuate humankind’s collective amnesia, scientists again reminded us that Atlantis was myth, not history. 
In the twentieth century, humanity asked for resolution to the riddle of Atlantis and its connection, if any, to the newly discovered Mid-Atlantic Rift.  The rift is a geological feature, running north and south along the “separation zone”, between Old and New World plates.  It is also the child’s intuitive line of demarcation between the same landmasses. 
Venus, transiting the Solar Disk - Click for larger image. ( 
Answers regarding the origin of the rift and its activities came only after deployment of the underwater magnetometer; an electronic instrument that measures magnetic fields within the mantle of the Earth.  When the magnetometer matched energy-flow patterns embedded in rocks on both shores of the South Atlantic, it proved that Africa and South America shared a common heritage.  Thereafter, the concept of Plate Tectonics quickly achieved scientific acceptance.
At an intuitive level, a solution to the riddle of Atlantis came me.  Energy bridges may stand in counterpoint to human perception of linear time.  In early 2009, researchers found human-like footprints in Africa that are 1.5 million years old.  Stone tools from the Ethiopian Rift Valley date early human presence to 195,000 years ago.  What accounts for the 1.3 million year gap between those first stone tools and the earlier human-like footprints? 
 The "Cute little face on Mars", looking back at us. - Click for larger image. (
During that hiatus, Atlantis disappeared, along with most other traces of ancient human activity.  After its cataclysmic destruction, Atlantis left no visible trace on Earth.  In their attempt to control Gaia, Atlantians precipitated energy surges that hastened the breakup of super-continent Pangaea.  Since the Earth’s crust is continuously recycled back into the mantle through a widening Mid-Atlantic Rift and a corresponding subduction zone in the Pacific Ocean, the energy fluxes at breakup accelerated Earth's natural recycling process. 
As Atlantis quickly slipped beneath the waves, the elite clung to their precious objects, in the vain hope that their rarity could buy salvation.  Holding their gold in a rising sea turned out not to be a fruitful path toward ascension.  To this day, Atlantis often feels far from our reach.  Because evidence of Atlantis is scarce and often contradictory, we treat the subject as a fable, similar to the concept of intelligent life on Venus or Mars.  Group consciousness claims that all three were false.  New consciousness knows that all three were real.
Unfinished Atlantian sailing vessel - Click for larger image. ( Atlantis dematerialized, the Earth did not disappear along with it.  Through a process that Charles Darwin later identified as natural selection, a relative few Atlantians survived.  Taking advantage of an unprecedented influx of new energy, the survivors evolved in situ.  Since there was little time before the final sinking of Atlantis, only the more evolved individuals could adjust their DNA quickly enough to avoid physical drowning in the sea. 
Those, with sufficiently evolved ascension energies possessed equal measure of physical and non-physical traits.  With no apparent gap in their 3D time-space reality, they dematerialized in Atlantis, only to re-materialize in Ancient Egypt, the Himalayas, the Indus Valley and Mesoamerica, among other places.  Perhaps because of their unexpected and inexplicable materialization, they gained recognition as “The Masters”.
The deluge of Atlantis - Clouds or waves? - Click for larger image. ( 
Why did The Masters survive the deluge of Atlantis, when the elite did not?  In Atlantis, The Masters had led humanity’s cry for salvation, and in so doing, they attracted new energy to Earth.  Their mastery was unique in human experience; slipping away from Earth’s time-space reality, and then rematerializing elsewhere.  The arriving comets opened energy bridges to their chosen destinations.  Large doses of new energy infused their beings, allowing them to become role models for humanity.  The visible arc of their cometary benefactors led to their other moniker, The Archangels
The Masters arrived in their new cultures manifest in what the Abrahamic Religions call an angelic state of being.  As such, their enlightened spirits outshone their physical forms.  In order to integrate with their new societies, The Masters quickly shed most of their non-physical attributes.  As generations passed, humanity forgot that a large part of its genetic makeup expressed itself as non-physical energy.
Peering through "The Veil" (Wall mural, Coit Tower, San Francisco, CA) - Click for larger image. ( 
Within an energy bridge, there are no physical impediments or time limits.  For example, consciousness from the 1960s finds its way to our present day, manifesting as new energy.  Likewise, new energy found its way from Atlantis to Ancient Egypt.  As we approach another crossroads for humanity, we call upon the Masters in each of us.  As descendents of the original Masters, our human DNA still contains the code for inter-dimensionality, time travel and the full expression of our souls. 
Beware of any “Master” who wishes to sell you a new belief system.  If your salvation costs money, you are dealing with a commercial religion, set up to arbitrate the relationship between you and Source.  As we know, there is no separation between you and Source, so association with such a group will not guarantee ascension or salvation.
It is not that new energy and money are anathema.  In fact, new energy can spawn an abundance of ideas, any one of which could “make money” while simultaneously serving All that Is.  Although cash may change hands in the process, it does so as a two-way gift, honoring both buyer and seller.Sacred Geometry - Human DNA helix. - Click for larger image. (
As humanity creates new consciousness, we spontaneously emit requests for divine inspiration.  As descendents of The Masters, we are inheritors of the ability to disassociate from the time-space continuum.  In order to discover our own potential, all we need do is to formulate, then ask our questions.  The poignancy of our questions determines how strongly they will lead toward manifestation.  Through this process, we shall receive necessary guidance to live, love and prosper on Earth. 
Credits: Sacred Geometry images are from the Sacred Geometry Oracle Deck, by artist Francene Hart.  Celestial Images are from the Astronomy Picture of The Day website.  All other photographs are by the author.
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